Made For All Skin Tones!

Cruelty-Free, Gluten-Free and Paraben - Free, our lipsticks aim to help bridge the gap between skin tones by celebrating all ethnicities.

What sets the brand apart, is diversity and inclusiveness at its heart!

Founders Jaime & Mika!

  • What happens when two mom-preneurs become best friends? They create a phenomenal new lipstick brand, of course!

    Best friends deserve to share a single tube in a pinch and so they got to work on the perfect formula.

    Watch the story to see why founders Mika and Jaime created SWEDISH JEALOUSY LIPSTICKS after realizing they couldn't share a tube of lipstick because of they're different ethnicities. It is the story of the enduring friendship between two women and is for all lipstick lovers who can relate to what it feels like to be excluded.


    "I am in love with this lipstick! Not only are the antioxidants and castor oil amazing for your lips, but the colors look great on all skin tones! Especially the red WEEKEND shade which makes you look "awake" and doesn't bleed over the lip line like many other red lipsticks.

    Also, it stays on through dinner and drinks! It's a must to add to your lipstick collection!