What happens when two creative entrepreneurs become best friends? They create a phenomenal new lipstick brand, of course.

Jaime and Mika met at a fashion show and instantly bonded over their love of friendship, family and wine, naturally. They had both worked retail in their past and noticed a surprising lack of diversity. Swedish born Mika is tall, thin and naturally blonde while Jaime is fit, bold and changes her hair color with her mood. They asked themselves over shared clothes and shared glasses, what about makeup? Was there a one shade fits all that would highlight the rosy pink of Mika’s cheeks and bring out Jaime’s natural glow? Best friends deserve to share a single tube in a pinch and so they got to work on the perfect formula.

Living on opposite sides of the world now, this lipstick is more than just makeup. It is the story of the enduring friendship between two women and is for all women who can relate to the power of female friendship. Buy the set and grab one for your bestie because this story is far from over!

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