Jaime and Mika met over eight years ago at a fashion show where Mika worked as the stylist and was also one of the models. Striking up a conversation after the show, Jaime learned that Mika had just moved to the states from Sweden with her husband and daughters, and with Jaime having ties in Finland because of her husband, the two of them sparked up a conversation about their love of Europe.  Noticing they had similar things in common, like fashion and beauty, apart from having different cultural backgrounds and ethnicities, they formed a sisterly bond, and the rest was history. 

Fast forward, the besties would hang every day drinking rosé while eating charcuterie, chat about everything under the sun, and play dress-up by creating mini glam photoshoots all over Massachusetts while their kids were at school. During one of their daily glam shoots, Jaime and Mika noticed that they couldn’t share any of the lipstick colors because the nude shades Mika wore didn’t compliment Jaime’s skin tone, and the red shades Jaime wore didn’t compliment Mika’s skin. What a dilemma! 

After weeks of discussion, the two decided to become mom-preneurs and create a lipstick brand that features two inclusive shades for all skin tones: one nude and one red. Being moms, they also wanted to create a lipstick that mothers would feel comfortable wearing running errands or picking up the kids from school. After researching Made in the USA, Cruelty-free and Gluten-free lipstick manufacturers, testing, and sampling shades, they found the perfect formula for both their nude and red called: WEEK & WEEKEND. Next on the list was to create a logo that not only represented the women’s fun personality but also their love for Europe's edgy, funky and urban street style, so they got to work on the branding, colors, and name for the company: SWEDISH JEALOUSY! 

Since launching in November 2019, the lipstick has been hailed as “The Only Two Lipsticks You’ll Ever Need” or “Magic Lipsticks” because not only do they complement your skin tone, but when both shades are layered on top of each other, you create a third shade! How cool is that!

“What sets the brand apart is diversity and inclusiveness at its heart!”